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Fresh Onion

Fresh Onion

We are one of the major manufacturers and exporters of Fresh Onion in the global markets. Situated in Nasik and Pune, one of the largest onions producing belts of India; our Fresh Onion are famous on a worldwide basis for its bittersweet and slightly pungent taste. Fresh Onions are widely used for gravies and dishes in Indian and other cuisines alike. Having host of medicinal properties Fresh Onions are widely demanded in the market.

Botanical Name : Allium cepa


  • Crispy
  • Pungent taste
  • Rich aroma
  • Can be eaten raw and cooked both
  • Different colors
  • Variety of flavors


  • Treats cold, cough and asthma
  • Repels insects
  • Beneficial for eyes
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Effective against bacteria
  • Rich source of vitamins like B, C, E, K
  • Great source of minerals like calcium, Iron, Magnesium, phosphorus etc


  • Used for Cooking porpose
  • Used as salad
  • Used in the industry hotels, restaurant, food processing etc.


  • 25-35mm onion
  • 45-60 mm onion
  • 50-70 mm onion
  • 60 mm & above

Packaging : 5 kg, 6 kg, 7 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg, 40 kg, 50 kg. in Jute and Red Mesh Bags

Minimum Order Quantity : 1x20' FCL One Door Open = 12.5 MT. or 1x40' Reefer / starvent

Pallets : We provide Base pallets + Side pallets + Door + Box pallets+ paper to maintain good amount of ventilation and to keep the products safe from deterioration.