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Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

We offer quality Sunflower Seeds, which are commonly used for oil extraction. We can supply black sunflower seeds, gray strip sunflower seeds, hulled sunflower seeds which are also called as sunflower hearts. Indian sunflower seeds are rich source of energy, oil, vitamins and minerals. It is used in confectioneries, cooking, restaurants, food processing units also in bird feed, animal feed as an additive. Due to its small size, it is suitable for small birds also.

  • Botanical Name – Carthamus tinctorius
  • Common name – Safflower, Kardi
  • Machine cleaned
  • Purity – 98.5 to 99%
  • Moisture – Max. 8%

Used for
  • Oil extraction
  • Making confectionaries
  • Animal or bird feed